Berlin Atelier

Under the order

The Sarah Berlin store provides tailoring TO ORDER in standard sizes or by individual standards.

The level and quality of products corresponds to leading Ukrainian and European clothing manufacturers.




1. If your size is not available at the time of order, then it is possible to manufacture UNDER THE ORDER in standard sizes, that is, according to our table. The cost of the product in this case does not change.

Production will take some time:

•  Lightweight clothing       3-7 working days,

•  outerwear     3-10 working days,

•  evening dresses    3-14 working days,

•  depends on load at the time of order.


2. Any product can be made UNDER THE ORDER in "urgent order" in 1-2 days if your size is not available at the time of order.

Then the cost of the product increases by 20% for urgency.



3. It is also possible for us to manufacture UNDER THE ORDER for non-standard figures or sizes larger than 50th, remotely.

Then the cost of the product increases by 30% per individual sewing.

At the same time, the fit according to the figure completely depends on the correctness of the measurements taken by you!

- if after receiving the product you doesn’t fit a little, you can correct it in your nearest studio.

- if a mistake on our part, for example, an uneven stitch, hole to fabrics, etc., then this defect will be corrected by us (within 14 days).

The buyer sends us the product. On the day of its receipt, having previously discarded the photo of the defect! safety tags, price tags and labels - required.


4. Products made UNDER THE ORDER (p. 1, 2, 3), can not be changed or returned!

Since the product was not available in principle and it is made ESPECIALLY FOR YOU, UNDER THE ORDER!

Therefore, you can correct the product according to the figure in the future, if necessary, in your nearest studio.